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Customer Testimonials
Expert Testimonials

Expert Testimonials

Stephanie Taylor, Pelvic Floor Expert & Founder of the UK's Leading Pelvic Health Brand Kegel8

Stephanie Taylor

"No drugs, no creams, no tablets, no laxatives - Squatty Potty enables you to perform a natural body function the way that nature intended it to be.
I cannot stress how vital toileting position is for the pelvic floor especially a weak pelvic floor.
We hear daily from women and men stressing their pelvic floor in order to combat constipation.
More than half of women of childbearing age will suffer prolapse - that's where pelvic organs drop down out of position, these are epidemic levels and using a Squatty will help.
Straining, constipation and piles must be avoided if you have a weak pelvic floor and this natural solution enables us all to take control of our health.
Your body loves to squat too - squatting is great exercise for the pelvic floor so by using a Squatty Potty you are exercising your Kegel muscles too!

It's an embarrassing subject no one wants to talk about and we Brits just don't talk about 'toileting', but we can all benefit by using a Squatty Potty and whether you have constipation, piles or pelvic floor problems you will never regret buying a Squatty.

All I can say is try it - once you feel the health benefits of Squatty Potty you will never want to be without it."

Sue Croft, leading AU women's physiotherapist

Sue Croft

"There is a different position of defaecation that prevents damage to the fascia, ligaments and muscles of the pelvic floor and makes it easier to evacuate the stool.

A common problem with many women is a sense of incomplete emptying or that bowel motion is getting caught in a 'pocket' which is a posterior wall prolapse.
[Squatting] will assist in defaecation by minimizing downward descent of your pelvic floor."
(Taken from Sue Croft: Pelvic Floor Recovery - A Physiotherapy Guide for Gynaecological Repair Surgery).

Dr Michael Freilich, proctologist

"We were not meant to sit on toilets, we were meant to squat".

Customer Testimonials

"The Squatty Potty palces you into a natural squatting posture for optimal bowel movements" - Barbara Loomis, Alignment Monkey.

Saves time. Saves effort. Saves paper. - Squatting is eco-friendly, too!

"I have to say I was sceptical at first, but I really have noticed a huge difference in my overall health since I started using the Squatty Potty. I've noticed that I am much less bloated and it's cured my haemorrhoids. I've even noticed that I have fewer headaches since I started using the Squatty Potty, which I've read could be something to do with fewer toxins in my system now that I'm not constipated anymore. I'm a new woman thanks to my Squatty Potty!"

- Eleanor - Surrey, England, UK.


"After a sporting injury, the painkillers I was given gave me chronic constipation. I found that by using the Squatty Potty I was able to overcome this without needing laxatives. I would recommend the Squatty Potty to anyone as a great remedy for constipation."

- Gary - Yorkshire, England, UK.

"I just love my Squatty Potty! When I visited Eastern Europe I used a squat toilet for the first time and I have to say it made the job much easier. Once I returned home I actually missed the squat toilets as my occasional constipation had returned. Now that I have a Squatty Potty I can go with ease and constipation is a thing of the past!"

- Vikki Smith - Cardiff, Wales, UK.

"I found when potty training my daughter that she didn't like her feet not being able to touch the floor when she sat on the toilet. The Squatty Potty solved this and was a great potty training aid. I'd recommend it to all mums and dads with young children".

- Heather - City of York, England, UK.

"I have a young son with an impacted bowel and on my search for things to help him I found the Squatty Potty. When it arrived my husband, the cynic, was huffing and puffing and not looking overly impressed. After all how could such a simple, non invasive gadget help? After a week of use by the whole family my children commented that the Squatty Potty seemed to be helping them. But the icing on the cake was when my husband who was working in London called me to tell me that he was missing the Squatty Potty as the hotel had nothing similar."

Review by Del

"I am so pleased with my Squatty Potty Ecco. I bought one for me and one for a friend who was having bowel problems (but no more). You just sit relax and let nature take its course. I bought the 9 inch because I felt the higher I got my knees the better. It works a treat – an excellent product. The item is well made, easy to clean and such plain old common sense!"

Review by Shopstoomuch

"Having had a haemorrhoidectomy already, I was searching for solutions to ensure I didn't have another one as the pain was immense. I was left with issues like never feeling clean, having to use mega amounts of toilet paper and never quite feeling like I had 'emptied'. I would go 3-4 times per day! I tried remedies to help with digestion and increased my fibre intake but nothing dealt with the issues. It turns out it was as simple as I was sitting in the wrong position! A chance leaflet for the Squatty Potty found me. I tried it and I'm absolutely amazed! I now go only once per day, I use only 2 lots of loo paper, I feel clean, don't have the urge to keep going and I'm not straining anymore so I'm less likely to get haemorrhoids again."

Review by Swishswash

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