5 Problems with Sitting on Your Toilet

Squatty Potty

It seems odd, doesn't it; that we would put our bodies under unnecessary stress and strain each time we need the loo? But, that's exactly what we have been doing for hundreds of years now, ever since the invention of our modern day toilet.

It's become very much the norm, but it certainly hasn't always been case. Research suggests that squatting is much better for us and can help to stave off and treat a variety of different ailments. But there's no need to start designing your brand new state of the art toilet just yet; the Squatty Potty puts you in the perfect position for a healthy and comfortable number 2, and it does so without breaking the bank.

Still not convinced? Studies have found the Squatty Potty to be an effective natural solution for many debilitating disorders, including constipation, bladder/pelvic floor weakness, haemorrhoids, IBS and more. Additionally, it reduces straining, which in itself can cause a number of health issues, including diverticulitis and haemorrhoids. Evidence even suggests that more efficient bowel movements can help to prevent more serious illnesses such as bowel and colon cancer. Squatting ensures that the bowel is completely emptied, preventing a build up of faeces and faecal stagnation, which is a prime factor in colon cancer, appendicitis and inflammatory bowel disease.

So remember; a 90 degree angle isn't always 'right'!

Now pull up a stool, because here's the low-down on why squatting is better than sitting;

  1. Constipation

    A lack of fibre and water in the body can result in dry, hard stools which may, in many cases, be difficult to pass. This is commonly referred to as constipation. It's true that most of us find it hard to consume the recommended intake of nutrients and water daily, but with the Squatty Potty, it needn't be cause for concern. Squatting makes it much easier to empty the bowel and thereby helps to prevent constipation and even alleviate the associated symptoms.
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  2. Haemorrhoids

    Haemorrhoids are a common problem for people of all ages. They are inflamed varicose veins that have swollen due to excess straining and pressure when going to the toilet. Squatting eliminates the need for straining because the anorectal angle is much wider and the faeces can pass through with ease. Gravity does its job and you will find that going for a number 2 has never been so easy. No more straining and pushing, hence no more haemorrhoid worries.
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  3. Colon Disease

    Every year 126,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with colorectal cancer [4]. I think we can agree that's an incredibly shocking statistic. Research attributes this, at least in part, to the build up of faecal matter in the colon. In a seated position, it is not uncommon to experience a build up of waste as it can be difficult to completely empty the bowel. When squatting, the passage through to the rectum becomes much wider, making it easier to empty the bowel and put a stop to this build up.
  4. Urinary Difficulty/Infections

    Women; if you thought it was just the number 2s that you had to worry about, think again! Urinating in a squatting position will help to ensure the bladder is fully and easily emptied. It is believed that squatting causes the angle of the pelvis to become much more relaxed, giving better pressure for urination. Additionally, you're likely to find that you don't get urinary tract infections nearly as often, and even when you do they are much less severe.
  5. Pelvic Floor Issues

    Many pelvic floor issues are largely down to straining when we go to the toilet. The pressure caused can lead to weakness. Sitting on the toilet can even put so much pressure on the colon that it eventually protrudes into the vaginal wall (prolapse). By squatting, you protect the nerves and muscles in your pelvic floor, keeping them strong and shielding yourself against various different disorders. Don't think you're safe either men; pelvic floor weakness affects you too!
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The Solution

It's the simple things that matter the most...

Who'd have thought that such a simple idea could be so revolutionary? Well the Squatty Potty may look simple, but it is very clever indeed. By merely lifting the feet off the ground and bringing the knees into the chest, this innovative item allows for fast and effective elimination. Not only does the squatting posture eradicate the need to strain, it reduces the overall pressure being put on the body and ensures that the bowel is completely emptied to stop a build up of waste. The unobtrusive design and the simplicity of the concept makes this the perfect solution for achieving that all important angle when going to the toilet.

One tiny change to your routine today can mean one great change to your body tomorrow!

The Squatty Potty® is recommended by doctors as the #1 way to help you go #2. It helps to reduce the risk of toxic build-up in your colon; reduces straining and decreases the pressure in the anal/rectal veins and pelvic floor; heals and prevents haemorrhoids; and makes elimination easier and more effective.