Squatty Potty Slim

Squatty Potty Slim Squatty Potty Slim Squatty Potty Slim Squatty Potty Slim

Squatty Potty Slim

Handmade Luxury For Your Bathroom


  • Handcrafted from sculpted plywood
  • Modern and ergonomic design compliments your bathroom and fits neatly around your toilet
  • Natural and easy to clean wood finish
  • Helps you achieve the optimum position for elimination
  • Mould and water resistant
  • Available in two different sizes
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs


Our Price: £39.99 GBP.

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Sleek and slim for when style is everything!

This marvellously sculpted Squatty Potty Slim speaks to your urban senses as you give full appreciation to the simple, minimalistic style. Made from plywood, you'll love the soft and natural finish and the ergonomic shape which allows you to slip it around the base of your toilet for perfect storage. Easy to care for, Squatty Potty Slim simple wipes clean.

Toilet stools can be beautiful!


SquattyPotty Sizes

7" Squatty Potty
The 7" Squatty Potty is our best seller. It is ideal for those that are new to squatting and will fit seamlessly under and standard size toilet.

SquattyPotty Sizes

9" Squatty Potty
The 9" Squatty Potty better suited to the more experienced squatters. It fits perfectly under the comfort height toilet.

Measuring Toilet Height

Squatty Potty is available in two different sizes and is designed to store away neatly under your toilet when not in use.

measuring Toilet Height

Standard Height Toilet

14"-15" tall

  • 7" Squatty Potty fits under this toilet
  • 7" Squatty Potty is suitable for all squatters

Comfort Height Toilet

15.5"-17" tall

  • 9" Squatty Potty fits under this toilet
  • Choose 7" Squatty Potty if you are new to squatting or have knee/hip stiffness

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